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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Apr 25, 2015

After a one week hiatus we've made a triumphant return with an amazing ep. Guy debuts his new segment The Tinder files. Harley talks about his trip to the Gold Coast film festival, we discuss the imminent release of I Survived A Zombie Holocaust! There's also a retrospective of Dolph Lundgren's career (Harley just met him) and his classic film He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe and some in depth analysis of Paris Hilton's sex tape, we answer listener questions and The Troll Hole returns in epic fashion! TOO MUCH GOODNESS!

Adolf Shitler
eight and a half years ago

Ignore that cunt. I read his comment, it was ridiculous. It was probably some 14 year old kid with a chip on their shoulder. The film looks great. I know several folk, myself included who are dying to get our hands on a physical copy.