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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Jan 26, 2017

We're back with another drunk episode! Harley is 12 wines deep (at least) after MC'ing his first wedding and Guy drinks four beers in quick succession to try and catch up, because that's what friends are for. We talk about secret Guy & Harley Podcast listeners and why over sharing on the show sometimes comes back to haunt us.

Guy's been on holiday and Harley's girlfriend has moved to the other side of the world, hear about the fallout (hint it may involve lots of masturbating). Harley talks about how easy it is to be a parent, and then segue's smoothly into his recent trip to the local Adult store. Harley has moved back in with Guy, but there are a few issues at the new Pigville Productions Head Office.

There's also a mini review of the film Passengers and Guy talks about why he became a filmmaker. There's a bit of fan feedback and TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT we'll definitely complain about it. Don't go anywhere this ep is pretty preaatty preaaaaaatty good.