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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Oct 13, 2016

On this episode Harley takes us deep into an escalating poetry beef with a hipster who he accidentally mistook for a middle aged lady. How is he going to deal with this? is Harley being bullied? Shit's gettin real yo! We also talk about Harley’s trip to L.A. and the premiere of our short film ‘No Caller I.D.’ We’re inspiring the filmmakers of tomorrow! We also talk about the Pigville curse, resting bitch face and Harley explains to Guy what a ‘Rainbow kiss’ is and it’s rather disturbing.

We also talk about editing and Older pickups and we revisit the mystery porch pooper from previous episodes, a new fan theory has emerged which is rather compelling although we now have to classify this as a cold poo case. We’re back, there’s so much to talk about jump on in!