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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Jun 26, 2016

The votes are in, on this episode we talk about the fan feedback to the great hair debate should Guy’s hair be dyed or stay grey? We also talk about a range of listener questions and revisit the topic of naming your film. Looking back would we have done something different with I Survived A Zombie Holocaust? We also discuss the over-saturation of Zombie films and where we went wrong.

We also have a sad episode of who’s dead this week where a personal friend lost their life and we get a bit serious for once talking about suicide, the importance of artistic expression and how it can be a cathartic salve for your soul. We also look at the Piracy of our film and how over 200,000 people have just seen it for free thanks to an illegal youtube upload. Plus you don’t want to miss another exciting episode of everyone’s favorite segment ‘The Troll Hole’ So listen in and get an artistic salve for your soul!!!