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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Dec 2, 2020

Could Pigville be moving back under the same roof? It's possible! Guy has updates on his conversion to PC and Harley has updates on his dismal dating life. The men debate the methods and motivations for creating films and it's a very sad episode of 'Who's Dead This Week'. We also have updates on our second feature film...

Nov 28, 2020

The men are going to the Screen Guilds Christmas party to do some networking, but who is going to be Harley's date? They're also attending the Big Screen Symposium. Harley has been offended by the band Bring Me The Horizon and Guy is offended by the nude business cards that Harley has been handing out for years. Trump...

Nov 14, 2020

It’s all go on this episode of the podcast, the boys unpack the USA's election results. COVID 19 is back in the Auckland community, surely our hapless heroes have something to say about that? Harley attended a beer festival and Guy is converting to PC, he also has a great new idea for a movie.
We also have...

Nov 4, 2020

It's the eve of the 2020 USA Presidential election. What do Guy and Harley have to say about the state of the world? Something intellectual no doubt. Guy has updates on his disastrous transition from Mac to PC and Harley has some updates on his disastrous love life. It's a very sad episode of 'Who's Dead This Week' and...

Oct 22, 2020

What was the fallout from the New Zealand 2020 election? The boys have their say. We have updates and exciting announcements about both Older and Immi the Vegan. Harley has beef with Auckland Transport and Guy is hooking him up with a job.

All this, and listener shoutouts!

Watch Older here: