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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Dec 5, 2015

It’s another Drunkcast on episode 46, as we record late at night after having a boozy BBQ, what scandalous things will we say?? Harley has got more than an audition this week and he’s also becoming a published author of poetry, help us figure out a name for his book as we go through the top title candidates. Hear about why Guy has beef with Transformers 3 and we analyse a new film released last week that’s only made $46 dollars in it’s opening weekend. We also talk about the new internet material we’ve been filming dubbed the ‘Wankthology’ and we discuss reaching the limits of our creative vocabulary. We also talk about the imminent release of Star Wars episode 7, is it really Star Wars, or just Star Wars fan fiction? Why isn’t George Lucas involved and could Jar Jar Bink’s be a Sith Lord?! But most importantly your favourite segment THE TROLL HOLE returns. Get busy listening, or get busy dying!