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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Jul 20, 2018

That's a wrap on our new show Immi The Vegan, how did it go? We delve in for a look. We discuss the nuances of a subtle screen-acting performance, and then we discuss Harley's ridiculous Austin Powers-esque facials that he pulls. We also speculate about future Pigville Productions.

Guy has got a crippling TradeMe addiction, we discuss his zero tolerance to crap questions policy. Harley is also on TradeMe as he attempts to get off the deathtrap that is riding a motorbike in Auckland city.

We address some listener topics which inevitably leads to some discussion about Trump, we just can't avoid this guy! We also shout out our loyal Patreon supporters,

Harley reviews Australian film 'Upgrade' and Guy attended the premiere of a new Tumuera Morrison (AKA Jango Fett!) film, and chatted to the man himself. We also have some big news relating to the career of Guy's close personal friend 'Alex Savage'.

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~ Guy & Harley