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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Oct 12, 2016

Harley spoke and performed poetry at TEDxRuakura 2016, here is the audio from his performance.

"Through poetry Harley hopes to draw attention to a few of humanity’s demons, in order that we can address them. Take globalisation for example, neither good nor bad, it’s simply a progression of our global civilisation. It can be “a tool for good or evil”, says Harley. “On the one hand it has given us sweatshops, but on the other hand it has given us as individuals in the first world the power to affect real, positive change with small day-to-day decisions and purchases.”

This new outlook on life has inspired and motivated Harley to help others experience the shift for themselves. Harley knows the power of ideas to change, and that it’s up to us to decide what we want to do with this power. “We need to create a new system that values life over money”, something Harley admits is easier said than done. Perhaps we just need to recognise the gravity of our situation, and need a little push in the right direction."