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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Mar 9, 2017

In this episode we talk about Harley's trip to Tongariro to play a gay rapist in a feature film, how did it go? Did mice attack him at any point?

Then we dive straight in to the (belated) 2017 Oscars Special! Who the fuck is Harvey Keitel? And how did he fuck up the entire Oscars ceremony? Guy explains. Should Moonlight have won? Or LA LA Land? Guy weighs in. Harley is still upset by the lack of military strategy and tactics portrayed in Oscar winning film Hacksaw Ridge.

Living with your best friend isn't all fun and games, did Guy catch Harley wanking? Of course not.

We are producing a new web show 'Immi The Vegan' with the shoot coming up very soon, get the inside scoop!

We open up the Uber files again, crying riders, abusive riders Guy has seen it all this week. At this point the show devolves into a bitter Uber argument, who's right and who's wrong, the Driver? Or the rider? Tune in and give us your opinions.

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