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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Feb 27, 2017

This week we're talking about the arts! Yes it's our acting episode, Guy talks about his trip to New Plymouth to Tropfest and watching the film he starred in 'Fishman 3: The Casting Tape' for the first time in front of a crowd of 2000 people. Harley talks about his new role in a feature film and how he accidentally ignored some crucial aspects of his character until after he'd already filmed some of his scenes.

We also talk about our most recent acting work performing in a new Sketch comedy series for Maori TV. We discuss when acting goes bad and did Guy steal a part that was meant to be Harley's?  Harley also has an update about his Butt for the Butt chronicles and we pay tribute to another fallen brother Bill Paxton on 'Who's Dead This Week'.