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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Feb 17, 2017

On this episode Harley becomes an unintentional gay meme when a leaked photo from a recent acting shoot pops up on Facebook. We give a shout out to some members of the Hardy Hundy who have been supporting the cause and Harley has beaten out Guy for a new acting role that pays a lot more than Uber.

Speaking of Uber Guy's talking about more of his pet peeve's dealing with the public and Harley's attitude towards Uber drivers sends Guy into a complete rage, it's almost the Poetry incident all over again. Guy is also upset that an ex-grirlfriend thrice removed has de-friended him on FB. We talk about Networking vs Real-working and Guy's upcoming trip to Tropfest where the film he starred in 'Fishman 3: The Casting Tape' is one of the finalists. Tune in to the winning-est podcast ever!