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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Jan 15, 2017

Thank God, nobody is dead this week. But there’s a lot of intrigue and drama nonetheless. We look at filming the dreaded Older pickups, what happened? How did it go? Did we get enough Extras? Was one of our cast suddenly and inexplicably absent? We discuss angering the movie Gods by mentioning them last week. Find out exactly what went wrong, and if we worked around it.

We also have our first I Survived A Zombie Holocaust superfan who has gotten a tattoo for the film, who is this hardcore enthusiast and are they insane??! We also talk about Harley’s peculiar encounter of witnessing a public sex act at on the bicycle path in Auckland. There’s also a discussion about Guy throwing a tantrum in a supermarket and how 2017 has gone very badly for Harley so far. Don’t adjust that dial folks this podcast is strong with the force!