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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Sep 8, 2016

In what is sure to be Niam Hegarty's favorite episode so far we talk about a mystery poo that showed up on Harley's doorstep and what Harley's detective work as a Poo Splatter Analyst have indicated the culprit to be. It's a tale fraught with suspense and danger, who is the poo architect? And will he/she strike again? Also Harley had an amazing meeting with his agent in which she recommended he be more like George Costanza, plus Guy could be one step closer to his pro wrestling dream with a potential upcoming bout at Rainbows End of all places.

We pay tribute to Gene Wilder in 'Who's Dead This Week' and shout out some amazing supporters. Could this episode BE any more compelling? Forget Rainbows End, THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS!