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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Feb 9, 2018

Guy drops some big news right at the top of the show, it's bad news! Things go from terrible to worse as he then updates us on his ruptured labia.

The boys are both single on Valentines Day and Harley has a big interview in the morning on Hauraki Breakfast with Matt & Jerry, he's auctioning off adspace on his hairy chest, yes really. But is this a genius publicity stunt? Or an embarrassing flop? Will he end up with a cock and balls on his chest? Guy thinks the whole thing is stupid so Harley flies into a rage.

We get an update on Harley's big audition and review 'Darkest Hour'. Was Guy sexually molested by an Uber passenger? You decide. Harley has new T-Shirts available and Guy has some coming soon, but does anybody really want fat old Wolverine on their chest? How about a bald guy pointing?

We have some updates on the boys' acting careers and did Harley fart on the kitchen chair?


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