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The Guy and Harley Podcast

Jun 22, 2017

Harley’s just had a serious operation for Hairy-ass-itus and we talk about the experience. What was it for? How did it go? Were the nurses hot?

We also compare notes on our respective trips to Wellington for Harley’s acting gig and Guy’s pro wrestling debut. We also talk about Harley getting invited to a VIP party he had no business being at and how he pretended to be famous to fit in.

We also discuss the new Wonder Woman film, impractical shoes and some continuity issues in Ex Machina that only a pervert would notice (Harley noticed). We also have some fan feedback, an almost return of The Troll Hole and we farewell two industry titans in 'Who's Dead This Week' with Adam West and John G. Avildsen. It’s a jam packed episode so tune in!