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Guy Pigden and Harley Neville are New Zealand filmmakers collectively known as Pigville Productions. Their first feature film 'I Survived A Zombie Holocaust' is available on DVD and iTunes and their second feature film 'Older' is currently in post production. As YouTube partners their channel has reached over 11 million views and 20,000 subscribers, join these two maverick filmmakers as they discuss their adventures in the screen trade. Join the conversation and get in touch! Facebook: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: @gpizzey @harleyneville @pigville @ISAZH Email:
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Guy Pigden and Harley Neville are New Zealand filmmakers collectively known as Pigville Productions. Their first feature film 'I Survived A Zombie Holocaust' is available on DVD and iTunes and their second feature film 'Older' is currently in post production.

As YouTube partners their channel has reached over 11 million views and 20,000 subscribers, join these two maverick filmmakers as they discuss their adventures in the screen trade.

Join the conversation and get in touch!
Twitter: @gpizzey @harleyneville @pigville @ISAZH

Jun 22, 2017

Harley’s just had a serious operation for Hairy-ass-itus and we talk about the experience. What was it for? How did it go? Were the nurses hot?

We also compare notes on our respective trips to Wellington for Harley’s acting gig and Guy’s pro wrestling debut. We also talk about Harley getting invited to a VIP party he had no business being at and how he pretended to be famous to fit in.

We also discuss the new Wonder Woman film, impractical shoes and some continuity issues in Ex Machina that only a pervert would notice (Harley noticed). We also have some fan feedback, an almost return of The Troll Hole and we farewell two industry titans in 'Who's Dead This Week' with Adam West and John G. Avildsen. It’s a jam packed episode so tune in! 

Jun 1, 2017

On this episode of the Guy and Harley Podcast Guy has the flu and Harley is depressed! Harley talks about his new life as a lonely single person and Guy breaks out the Uber files to illustrate some sexism. Harley attempted to battle sexism by writing an inflammatory comment on someones Facebook page and we find out just how successful he was.

We also talk about Harley going ‘full Frodo’ in a recent audition that required an English accent and it was Guy’s birthday a couple of days ago, he was hoping you’d send him money. We have fan feedback from a Bearlover and Guy whines about being told to stop whining about filmmaking. Guy also made his wrestling debut at Armageddon Tauranga and he owes Harley money on a bet he made 20 years ago. Plus the Tinder discussion on episode 101 has inspired one of our listeners to write a poem about it. Tune in! 

May 22, 2017

The 101st! First In Last Out!

What an episode, it's honest, revealing, funny, heartbreaking and insightful.

Might be one of my favourites. 

~ Harley





May 11, 2017

Yes it’s here the 100th episode of the Guy and Harley Podcast!!!

What treats do we have in store for our listeners, what surprises and delights await…?

Probably not many because we ran out of time. But as the title suggests we at least decided to stay consistent and classy for this monumental milestone.

On this episode we have some new film reviews for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. and Get Out, we ruminate on the digital imprint of the podcast and what life might have been like if all our embarrassing moments were documented.

We also talk about the time Harley poo'd in a sink... so there's that. We chat about two new film roles Harley’s been a part of and our recent publicity stunt, an instore DVD signing of I Survived a Zombie Holocaust. Did it really pay off?

We discuss Guy’s pro wrestling persona and how the listeners can help him. We look at Harley’s recent foray into stand up comedy as a semifinalist in the Classic Raw Comedy Quest 2017. It’s been a glorious 100 episodes and we’re looking forward to the next 100, so celebrate with us dear listeners before Trump launches the nukes! 

May 3, 2017

We're back for the 99th episode of our podcast where we talk about all the things that have stopped us from recording our podcast last week (sorry about that).

Guy opens up the Uber files to discuss an unfortunate incident exposing the injustices of the Uber help system (it involves vomit.. a lot of vomit). We also talk about our web series Immi The Vegan getting rejected for funding.

Harley has been acting his socks off in a new short film and Guy and Harley discuss their greatest new publicity stunt, nude photos! Does controversy really create cash?

We also talk about body shaming, the state of Guy's chicken legs and also his ex-girlfriend three times removed it's all good stuff so listen in! 

Apr 12, 2017

On this episode of the Guy and Harley podcast we talk about Harley taking ballet classes at his local gym and making women uncomfortable with his gratuitously hairy body.

Guy opens up the Uber Files again for a strange story about a drunken customer and we have some burning questions about masturbation booths on K-road. We also dissect actor improvisation on film sets, the realities and methods behind spontaneity and just how much can you go off script?

We talk about Guy’s recent Countdown commercial and his hand continuity which Harley has dubbed ‘ketchup-gate’.

Harley has been challenged to a debate by a Christian apologist and some some evangelical American Christians have dedicated an entire hour long podcast to dissecting Harley’s poem 'Gravity'.

Guy reminisces about his favorite Zombie extra from I Survived a Zombie Holocaust and we discuss the toll being a filmmaker has taken on Guy’s personality. Plus we review the new film ‘A Cure For Wellness’ and it’s also Harley’s birthday and he has no one to celebrate it with, will you find the kindness in your heart to buy him a beer? 

Apr 4, 2017

We’re back from a work induced hiatus and there’s so much to talk about! On this episode Harley updates us on the Hairy butt chronicles and provides some insight into using an enema. We talk about filming the pilot episode of our new show ‘Immi The Vegan’ the first (and likely only) Pigville project without a single dick joke in it *gasp*.

Guy also talks about performing in a recent Supermarket television commercial and how he became the guy that was ruining the shoot through his gross incompetence. We also have some film reviews of ‘Life’ ‘Ghost in a Shell’ and the live action remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Harley confesses to eating Mcdonalds again and develops a new theory about dictators with moustaches, while Guy tries a dad joke. Come join the ultimate thrill ride with Guy and Harley’s Podcast-mania! 

Mar 14, 2017

A new week, a new podcast for the faithful! Buzzing off of some delightful alcohol provided by one of the Hardy Hundy we dive into Uber files again, Guy takes a drive out to a gated community of millionaires and we re-visit last weeks argument with the aide of a helpful diagram. We also talk about Guy’s new audition and the confusion surrounding Warren Beatty and Harvey Keitel from last week's Oscar special. We also talk about shrinkage on film sets and Harley’s experiences on I Survived A Zombie Holocaust that lead to some embarrassing moments. We also chat about our newest project Immi The Vegan, directing a toddler on set and just how far we would go to ‘make it’ in the film industry.  Get it down ya!!!

Mar 9, 2017

In this episode we talk about Harley's trip to Tongariro to play a gay rapist in a feature film, how did it go? Did mice attack him at any point?

Then we dive straight in to the (belated) 2017 Oscars Special! Who the fuck is Harvey Keitel? And how did he fuck up the entire Oscars ceremony? Guy explains. Should Moonlight have won? Or LA LA Land? Guy weighs in. Harley is still upset by the lack of military strategy and tactics portrayed in Oscar winning film Hacksaw Ridge.

Living with your best friend isn't all fun and games, did Guy catch Harley wanking? Of course not.

We are producing a new web show 'Immi The Vegan' with the shoot coming up very soon, get the inside scoop!

We open up the Uber files again, crying riders, abusive riders Guy has seen it all this week. At this point the show devolves into a bitter Uber argument, who's right and who's wrong, the Driver? Or the rider? Tune in and give us your opinions.

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Feb 27, 2017

This week we're talking about the arts! Yes it's our acting episode, Guy talks about his trip to New Plymouth to Tropfest and watching the film he starred in 'Fishman 3: The Casting Tape' for the first time in front of a crowd of 2000 people. Harley talks about his new role in a feature film and how he accidentally ignored some crucial aspects of his character until after he'd already filmed some of his scenes.

We also talk about our most recent acting work performing in a new Sketch comedy series for Maori TV. We discuss when acting goes bad and did Guy steal a part that was meant to be Harley's?  Harley also has an update about his Butt for the Butt chronicles and we pay tribute to another fallen brother Bill Paxton on 'Who's Dead This Week'.  

Feb 17, 2017
Episode 93: Going in Dry!

On this episode Harley becomes an unintentional gay meme when a leaked photo from a recent acting shoot pops up on Facebook. We give a shout out to some members of the Hardy Hundy who have been supporting the cause and Harley has beaten out Guy for a new acting role that pays a lot more than Uber.

Speaking of Uber Guy's talking about more of his pet peeve's dealing with the public and Harley's attitude towards Uber drivers sends Guy into a complete rage, it's almost the Poetry incident all over again. Guy is also upset that an ex-grirlfriend thrice removed has de-friended him on FB. We talk about Networking vs Real-working and Guy's upcoming trip to Tropfest where the film he starred in 'Fishman 3: The Casting Tape' is one of the finalists. Tune in to the winning-est podcast ever! 

Feb 8, 2017
Episode 92: Snubbed By Your Heroes

On this episode we talk about Harley’s hungover trip to the Pork Pie film premiere and his purchase of the much derided selfie stick. Harley’s finally made it into Women’s Day magazine, but one of his personal heroes is throwing shade his way. What happens when your idols hate your guts? We discuss.

Harley has discovered a new acting technique and now you can try it at home. We also talk about the Sundance film festival and how Netflix and Amazon Prime are changing the landscape for independent filmmakers.

Harley missed out on a big role, and it's all Karl Urban's fault. We have some fan feedback about Climate Change and Guy takes a trip down memory lane reminiscing about his old job as a Yam Picker - that’s a real thing. And finally Harley has had to block someone on FB, we say goodbye to our old flatmate and master internet troll Jim Eaton. Step right up and enjoy the show! 

Jan 26, 2017
Episode 91: Vagina In A Can

We're back with another drunk episode! Harley is 12 wines deep (at least) after MC'ing his first wedding and Guy drinks four beers in quick succession to try and catch up, because that's what friends are for. We talk about secret Guy & Harley Podcast listeners and why over sharing on the show sometimes comes back to haunt us.

Guy's been on holiday and Harley's girlfriend has moved to the other side of the world, hear about the fallout (hint it may involve lots of masturbating). Harley talks about how easy it is to be a parent, and then segue's smoothly into his recent trip to the local Adult store. Harley has moved back in with Guy, but there are a few issues at the new Pigville Productions Head Office.

There's also a mini review of the film Passengers and Guy talks about why he became a filmmaker. There's a bit of fan feedback and TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT we'll definitely complain about it. Don't go anywhere this ep is pretty preaatty preaaaaaatty good. 

Jan 15, 2017
Episode 90: Never Go Full Shiney

Thank God, nobody is dead this week. But there’s a lot of intrigue and drama nonetheless. We look at filming the dreaded Older pickups, what happened? How did it go? Did we get enough Extras? Was one of our cast suddenly and inexplicably absent? We discuss angering the movie Gods by mentioning them last week. Find out exactly what went wrong, and if we worked around it. We also have our first I Survived A Zombie Holocaust super fan who has gotten a tattoo for the film, who is this hardcore enthusiast and are they insane??! We also talk about Harley’s peculiar encounter of witnessing a public sex act at on the bicycle path in Auckland. There’s also a discussion about Guy throwing a tantrum in a supermarket and how 2017 has gone very badly for Harley so far. Don’t adjust that dial folks this podcast is strong with the force! 

Jan 4, 2017
Episode 89: Our Princess is Dead

The first episode of 2017 is a sad one, as we farewell three icons of the entertainment industry - especially paying tribute to Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia. It's as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. :(

We also talk about our New Years and Christmas celebrations and catch up on the latest developments with the Older pickups (which YOU can be a part of). We also have some new filmmaking beef where our practices as indie filmmakers are being called into question. Are we unethically taking advantage of people to make our films? We don't think so, but some people believe otherwise. What do you think? Harley also shares a very personal story about domestic violence and we discuss the merits of taking the law into your own hands. It's a very compelling way to start 2017 full of scandal and intrigue, jump on in!

Dec 22, 2016
Episode 88: Santa's Blue Balls

It’s that time of year again, Egg-nog, presents and podcasts it’s our special Christmas episode - it only comes but once a year (like our girlfriends), so lets get festive! On this episode we see how R-kelly has been spreading Xmas cheer (or Xmas fear) with his new album, we chat a bit more about Rogue One now that Harley has seen it and we also have a mini review of the film ‘Cheap Thrills’, which we may have already talked about, it’s just that Harley is a year behind in films. Other festive delights include a plea to our fans to help us in filming some new Older pickups and a big lesson on trusting your gut when it comes to movie making. We also talk shooting masturbation time-lapses (no pun intended) new auditions and a severe road rage incident. Harley also has an update on his butt. Spoiler alert, it’s not good, but it IS good podcast material so what are you waiting for? Lets get Merry!  

Dec 16, 2016
Episode 87: Rogue One Stories

On this episode of the Guy and Harley Podcast we accidentally get drunk and talk about the new Star Wars movie with VERY MILD spoilers, which transitions into a compelling discussion about casting actors who are no longer alive and using CGI to create new performances. We react to the news that New Zealand's Prime Minister has resigned effective immediately and what we think of his replacement. Harley has also had an audition and performed in a music video. The crazy masturbating Trump supporter is back and is our podcast more offensive than we think it is? Maybe.

There's plenty to ponder, so hit download and tune in! 

~ Guy & Harley

Dec 7, 2016
Episode 86: Crazy Masturbating Trump Supporters

Guy has returned from Dunedin and Harley has moved into his new flat, find out just how bad his new pad is and the extreme reaction his girlfriend had to the move. We talk about new auditions and how important a role the other actors play in making a good audition. Plus we have a HUGE announcement about our short film 'No Caller I.D.' We talk about our failed television pilot 'Pigville' how it was made, how it went wrong, the lessons we learned and exactly how it crushed our spirits! Plus Harley has been on a Tom Hanks binge and has some keen insights into Forrest Gump. Guy has just watched 'Allied' and has some insights into the state of the hollywood film industry. We also discuss a crazy masturbating Donald Trump supporter who has recently befriended Harley. It's all here folks what more could you possibly ask for? 

Nov 21, 2016
Episode 85: Dragon Ballz

A special Skype episode of the Guy and Harley podcast as Guy is in Dunedin, hear his take on Weddings and where they inevitably go wrong. Harley talks about finding a new flat and we discuss and rate the highs and lows of 2016 from both Guy and Harley’s point of view.
We give a spoiler-free review of 'Arrival' and discuss the true meaning of ‘Hard Sci-fi’. We also talk about struggling to develop a new project while simultaneously finishing our second feature film 'Older'. Meanwhile, Harley is attempting to get an American visa for his acting but is his voice too girly and high pitched? On an unrelated note, has Harley come up with Guy’s finishing move for his foray into pro-wrestling?! Listen to our tinny voices coming through your earholes at substandard Skype audio quality to find out. You know you want to. 

Nov 14, 2016
Episode 84: Trumpocalypse Now

A longer episode this week because we’ve been so busy doing awesome things! Of course we talk about Donald Trump becoming the President of Murica, but don’t worry we also talk about what’s been going on in the world of Pigville, Guy has finished a new cut of Older, while Harley is suffering from PTSD (poetry traumatic stress disorder) after his recent heckling.

We talk about a super secret new short film Guy starred in and why Harley is very upset about it, has Baldism reared it’s ugly head again (literally?). We’ve also got a wealth of new film reviews, because while Guy has been acting, Harley has been watching movies on a plane, it’s like we’ve swapped bodies! We talk Mel Gibson films, whether Hacksaw Ridge is worth the hype and whether Apocalypto would have been better with talking animals.

Also Guy’s got a pro-wrestling update and talks about stepping inside the ring with a childhood hero. Harley is flathunting and Guy’s ex-girlfriends are marrying and settling down with anyone but him.

Nov 1, 2016
Episode 83: California Dreaming

Harley’s back from L.A and it’s the podcast you’ve all been waiting for. Harley spills the beans on his time in the city of angels, from the screening of our film ‘No Caller I.D.’ to meeting with big shot Hollywood agents and executives it’s a fascinating tale. Harley talks about shooting short films, the LA mentality and how he got a manager over there. Not to mention a brief encounter with President Obama (sort of). Guy and Harley talk about the differences between Murica and NZ and why we might be so negative over here. We also talk about Guy’s progress on Older and how the edit is going plus he’s also got some (more) Uber pet peeves he wants to get off his chest. So what are you waiting for? Tune in. 

Oct 13, 2016
Episode 82: Poetry Beef

On this episode Harley takes us deep into an escalating poetry beef with a hipster who he accidentally mistook for a middle aged lady. How is he going to deal with this? is Harley being bullied? Shit's gettin real yo! We also talk about Harley’s trip to L.A. and the premiere of our short film ‘No Caller I.D.’ We’re inspiring the filmmakers of tomorrow! We also talk about the Pigville curse, resting bitch face and Harley explains to Guy what a ‘Rainbow kiss’ is and it’s rather disturbing. We also talk about editing and Older pickups and we revisit the mystery porch pooper from previous episodes, a new fan theory has emerged which is rather compelling although we now have to classify this as a cold poo case. We’re back, there’s so much to talk about jump on in! 

Oct 12, 2016
Harley speaking at TEDx 2016 - BONUS Content - Guy & Harley Podcast

Harley spoke and performed poetry at TEDxRuakura 2016, here is the audio from his performance.

"Through poetry Harley hopes to draw attention to a few of humanity’s demons, in order that we can address them. Take globalisation for example, neither good nor bad, it’s simply a progression of our global civilisation. It can be “a tool for good or evil”, says Harley. “On the one hand it has given us sweatshops, but on the other hand it has given us as individuals in the first world the power to affect real, positive change with small day-to-day decisions and purchases.”

This new outlook on life has inspired and motivated Harley to help others experience the shift for themselves. Harley knows the power of ideas to change, and that it’s up to us to decide what we want to do with this power. “We need to create a new system that values life over money”, something Harley admits is easier said than done. Perhaps we just need to recognise the gravity of our situation, and need a little push in the right direction."

Oct 9, 2016
Bonus Episode: PODFEST

A short little bonus episode for loyal listeners taking you behind the scenes of 'Podfest' the podcast party Harley hosted for The Chris & Sam podcast's 100th episode.

We chat with fellow podcasters and super fan Jeremy Howson and also discuss filmmaking with Allan George from Sideway's Productions. Harley's drunk, Guy's sober someone mentions a forest of dicks at one point. Not a proper episode but something to tide you over, an appetiser a snack before we shortly return for the next full episode. Enjoy. 

Sep 28, 2016
Episode 81: Get Busy Livin

On this episode we share some good news and some bad news and talk about the rollercoaster that is indy filmmaking, the difficulties of balancing a life while making movies and what balance needs to be struck. Plus is Guy ‘On the spectrum’? Harley thinks possibly. We also talk about editing our second feature film 'Older' and how small jobs become big jobs. What should Pigville should shoot next, another movie, or a new web series? Harley also takes us on another poetry adventure where he deals with his first hecklers and gets a shot at becoming the undisputed Poetry champ of New Zealand. Plus there’s the return of our favourite section ’The Troll Hole’ and it could be the greatest Troll burn yet, you don’t want to miss this!

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